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Bed rest. Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Preeclampsia. Hypertension. Multiple babies. Placenta previa. Premature rupture of membranes. Gestational diabetes. Incompetent Cervix. Unexplained bleeding. Low amniotic fluid. High risk. High stress. Overwhelmed.  

Just reading those words can stress out an expecting mom and her partner. But actually living with these diagnoses and dealing with the daily limitations that come with maintaining the health of mom and baby (or babies!) during this time magnifies the stress.

How does a doula fit in to helping a woman enduring bed rest?

Tulsa Family Doulas offers professional doula support to families that are experiencing a stressful pregnancy, an otherwise healthy pregnancy with overwhelming variables, or one that comes with medically-directed limitations. These doulas are called antepartum doulas. Antepartum means "before birth" and we provide services similar to what is found with our postpartum support, but before the baby arrives.

Medical professional - healthy mom, healthy baby

Tulsa Family Doulas - Healthy mind, healthy bond

Your care provider is there to make sure that both you and your baby are as healthy as possible: healthy mama, healthy baby. Your doula is there for a healthy mind and a healthy bond. We are able to provide this through a high level of physical, emotional and educational support. Doula support may look like help with light daily household tasks, sibling care, meal planning, light meal preparation, and even assisting in setting up and organizing the nursery. We meet your needs, so you are free to truly rest.

Your antepartum doula also provides a special kind of nurturing. We make it a priority to sit with you and listen to your concerns and affirm your feelings. We can help you cope with what may be a loss of your ideal pregnancy experience. We are able to provide you with relaxation techniques and are even a resource to help you understand more of what you and your baby may be experiencing.

It may seem too soon for some and cannot come soon enough for others, but rest assured, that your baby will one day make his or her entrance into the world. Your antepartum doula can also help you prepare for your birth and Tulsa Family Doulas can easily transition to supporting you during your birth and continue your care with postpartum support.

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Antepartum Doula Support
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