Your Birth, Your Baby, Your Experience


Each Doula, at Tulsa Family Doulas, has gone through a private training and certification process. This training allows them to utilize Your Birth Experience’s highly sought-after format of educating our clients on their choices in childbirth and helping them envision their own unique process.

Through utilizing Your Birth Experience, our doulas are able to provide consistency in our communication with each and every one of our clients that helps us CONNECT with you. Each doula team is always prepared for our prenatal appointments with effective hands-on tools to IDENTIFY your desires and goals and then EQUIP you to find methods of achieving what is important to you. 

Each of our private classes will help you and your partner accomplish the following:

  • Discover you and your partner's unique personalities and learn how your own medical decision-making processes help you make the best possible decisions for YOU.

  • Find a unique approach to envisioning your birth experience.

  • Learn the physiology and anatomy of childbirth.

  • Explore various methods of relaxation and practice a variety of comfort techniques to inspire your own individual childbirth style.


We believe in this program so much, Tulsa Family Doulas provides a free Your Birth Experience Parent Guide for every basic level birth doula client we serve and add the Your Breastfeeding Experience and Your Baby Experience Parent Guides for every platinum level birth doula client we serve. Talk with us today to learn how Your Birth Experience can help you achieve your ideal birth. 

Want to learn Even more?

You can add Your Breastfeeding Experience and Your Baby Experience to your private class!

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