Sarah Flud, CYBE, HCHD

Education, Antepartum, Birth, Postpartum, Belly Binding, Placentas

Sarah Flud Tulsa Family Doulas.jpg

Sarah is a mother of four active boys.  During her very different births she had amazing experiences where everything went according to plan; however, there were some complications during her second son’s birth which left Sarah feeling confused and frightened.  Sarah feels that she is called to be a Doula and to help women better navigate the birthing experience.  She believes that giving birth is one of the most joyful and empowering experiences in a woman’s life and she passionately wants to help others prepare for and navigate through that very special day.    

Sarah became interested in becoming a Doula while assisting multiple friends in the labor and delivery of their children.  She was encouraged to seek the profession of Doula by the mother of a friend after helping her daughter through the delivery process.  Sarah began to research and investigate the process of becoming a Doula and hasn’t stopped.  She loves being a Doula and has support of her entire family as she serves the mother’s in her care. 

In her home-life, she embraces country living while being the best wife, mother, home-school instructor and friend she can be.  Sarah and her husband, Jason work together as a team teaching their children, serving in their church and community.   

Training and Continuing Education

  • Your Birth Experience, Instructor, 2019

  • Labor Doula

  • Postpartum Doula

  • CPR and First Aid

  • Placenta Specialist

  • Hypnobabies

  • Bloodborne Pathogens

  • Bengkong Belly Binding specialist

  • Happiest Baby on the Block Instructor

Confidence and Experience in Birth

  • Hospital

  • Induction

  • Natural

  • Single Mothers

  • Precipitous Labor

Confidence and Experience in Postpartum

  • Bottle feeding support

  • Sibling adjustment

  • Jaundice

  • Overnight Care

  • Baby Wearing

  • Large Package Contracts

Additional Services

  • Belly Binding

  • Birth Planning

  • Antepartum Care

  • Baby Shower and Registry Planning