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Quality, professional encapsulation services honoring your placenta while raising the bar for encapsulation.


There are many traditional methods of honoring the placenta including burying it under a special plant or tree, making a commemorative print that is suitable for framing, and actually having it encapsulated like a health food supplement.

Historically and perhaps anecdotally, placenta encapsulation has been hailed as an aide to help combat baby blues, increase milk supply, decrease pain, reduce the amount of postpartum bleeding, help the recovering mother bounce back from birth and gain more balance and energy during recovery.

Women have begun noticing that consuming the placenta can help prevent the large hormone dips that naturally occur after birth and help provide stability during the postpartum period. 

Why Should you encapsulate?

Researchers are catching on to what postpartum mothers are saying about the benefits of encapsulating their placenta. More and more studies show that there is a physiological benefit from consuming the organ that provided absolutely everything your baby needed during his or her time in the womb. Some larger universities are trying to really understand the nuances of what makes the encapsulation process and consumption of placenta in pill form so worthwhile. While they are researching, more and more women are feeling for themselves the difference a little placenta makes. 

what is the placenta encapsulation process like?


We believe that the safest place to offer the encapsulation process (pictures of placentas, so click at your own risk!) is in your own home and provide you with a transport kit in line with the World Health Organization's Guidelines for the Safe Transport of Infectious Substances and Diagnostic Specimens. One of our 6 immediately available Placenta Specialists will come to your home, begin the process (about 2 hours) and come back the next day (1.5 hours) to complete it. An outline of our self-imposed standards for encapsulation, and reasoning behind our process is written in this beautiful blog post.

We steam, dehydrate and encapsulate this amazing organ and it is ready for you within 24 hours of the beginning of processing. We do everything we can to make this whole process work for you while imposing the highest self-imposed standards found anywhere in Tulsa. 

The high standards we follow are in line with OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 29 CFR 1090.1030.

Our Placenta Specialists

Tulsa Family Doulas has 6 certified Placenta Specialists ready to serve your family. There will never be a delay in providing this beneficial service for your family. Each Placenta Specialist is also an experienced Birth and Postpartum Doula, ready to answer any questions you may have about your newest addition and provide hands-on care to help ease your transition home. 

Still sound a little weird? 

Not surprising! While it is common for some to be a little turned-off by the thought of ingesting anything associated with delivery, we do everything we can to answer your questions, ease your concerns, and help you receive our absolute best service possible. 

You can be included in every step of the process and take pictures along the way, or you can hang out in the other room and convince yourself you are simply taking a vitamin when you down your placenta pills. That's the benefit of working with Tulsa Family Doulas. We value the complete transparency of every step our process and work to meet your needs.

Sound too good to be true? Read many testimonials from women who have encapsulated with Tulsa Family Doulas.  

Choose personalized care with Tulsa Family Doulas!


Placenta Prints and Keepsakes

1-2 placenta prints are included free of charge on acid-free watercolor paper and umbilical cord keepsakes can be provided in a requested shape as long as enough cord is available. These are both complimentary inclusions in your placenta encapsulation services.

Placenta Tincture

extending your placenta therapy

Placenta tinctures are another way to utilize the beneficial components of your placenta. A tincture is made by taking a very small portion of the placenta and placing it in high grade drinking alcohol. This mixture is then kept in a cool, dark environment for 6 weeks. The final product is a very potent tincture. It can have more alcohol added in the future to continue the beneficial properties. Placenta tincture is useful for hormonal balancing and in extending your placenta therapy.

Complete instructions are provided when services are rendered. Only available with purchase of encapsulation services.

Placenta Salve

A Healing Blend

Another traditional method for healing with the placenta is the use of a salve. With a blend of oils, beeswax and herbs, your Placenta Specialist can create a special salve for you and your baby. This can be used on external skin issues, rashes, scrapes, cuts or burns. It can even be placed on a C-section scar after about 2 weeks postpartum. If you prefer, the salve can be made without the placenta, and still have the healing power of the salve ingredients themselves. 

Complete ingredients and instructions are included with your services. Only available with the purchase of encapsulation services.

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Disclaimer - The statements and information on the Tulsa Family Doulas website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Placenta encapsulation is based on anecdotal information and is defined as the service of preparing a client's own placenta for medicinal use or consumption, and absolutely is not the sale of placentas or placenta products. None of our services are approved for the diagnosing, treatment, cure, or prevention of any disease, because (according to the FDA) only a drug can legally make such claims. Your use of placenta encapsulation or other services assumes previous discussion with your healthcare provider. Tulsa Family Doula clients are responsible for researching and using these services appropriately.