Katherine Taylor, CD(DONA)

Placenta Specialist

Katherine Taylor joins as one of the Placenta Specialists for Tulsa Family Doulas. She has 7 children, aged 20 to 38 and has been involved in serving families since the early 80s.

Katherine offers high-quality placenta encapsulation services for our clients and has been encapsulating for many years. She has chosen to utilize the Association of Placenta Preparation Arts to further her training. 

Tulsa Family Doulas values your safety above anything else, and we have chosen the traditional heated method based on Traditional Chinese Medicine for encapsulation to prove our focus on safety. 

This method follows a three-step process of steaming, dehydrating and encapsulating your amazing organ. It is ready for you within a 2-day period. The high standards we follow are in line with OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 29 CFR 1090.1030.

Please take some time to read a beautiful blog post about our self-imposed standards for encapsulation.