Jeri Jones, BBA, CYBE

Education, Antepartum, Birth, Postpartum, Placentas

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Jeri joins Tulsa Family Doulas as a pre-certified birth doula through DONA International and certified childbirth educator through Your Birth Experience.  She is also trained in the use of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) for natural pain relief during labor.  A lifetime lover of learning, she has several additional trainings and certifications on the horizon in the near future, and she’s incredibly excited to soon be able to expand her services and contributions to Tulsa’s birth community.

Born and raised in the Tulsa area, Jeri is a graduate of Northeastern State University in Broken Arrow where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance.  She currently resides in Owasso, OK with her husband, Chris, and her two sons, Oliver and Finley.

Jeri has been active in Tulsa's birth community since 2013 as a member and now Treasurer of ICAN of Tulsa (International Cesarean Awareness Network).  After the difficult cesarean birth of her first son, she sought out an online community of support for cesarean recovery, as well as for planning a future vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC).  She has spent the last few years educating herself on all things birth, as well as familiarizing herself with Tulsa's birth climate, in preparation for the birth of her second child.  What she hadn't expected, however, was that in listening to other women share about their birth experiences and hearing them ask the same questions she once had, she naturally became an educator and valuable resource, providing informational, as well as emotional support to her online birth community - very much the same way a doula does for her clients.  She realized that she could make an even greater impact on Tulsa’s birth community as a professional resource, so in 2016 she decided to take the plunge and train as a birth doula and childbirth educator.  Jeri's mission in working with families is to empower women to be active participants in their journeys from pregnancy, through childbirth, and into motherhood.  She helps them discover and communicate their unique needs and desires, learn how to use their voices to advocate for themselves, and equips them with information, tools, and resources to make confident, informed decisions throughout their journeys.

Jeri's greatest passion in life is her family.  She loves being a #boymom and "best friend" to her 4 year old son with whom she enjoys coloring, playing puzzles and board games, snuggling, and just plain acting silly.  She also finds tremendous joy in seeing her God-planned infant son learn and grow and enjoys capturing his changes in weekly photo sessions (yep – she’s THAT mom).  The Jones family attends church at First Baptist Owasso where she serves on Sunday mornings in the preschool ministry loving on "the crawlers".  Her hobbies include reading, word puzzles and brain games, consuming all the C's (coffee, cheese, chocolate, carbs), collecting and trading nail wraps, and pretending she'll one day learn to use that sewing machine she got for Christmas a few years ago.  She also hopes to soon pick up her clarinet again, as well as relearn the Spanish language.  

Professional Affiliations

  • ICAN of Tulsa
  • DONA International
  • Your Birth Experience
  • Tulsa Doulas, Inc.

Training and Continuing Education

  • DONA International Birth Doula Workshop, 2016
  • Your Birth Experience Childbirth Educator Workshop, 2016
  • From Trauma to Triumph: When Survivors Give Birth Video Screening, 2016
  • Certified Your Birth Experience Childbirth Educator, 2017
  • Advanced doula training in the use of TENS for pain relief in labor, 2017
  • Your Birth Experience Doula Training and Retreat, (November 2017)
  • Hypnobabies HypnoDoula, (2018)
  • Placenta Encapsulation Certification, (2018)
  • Still Birthday Birth and Bereavement Certification, (2018)

Experience and Confidence in Birth

  • Natural delivery
  • Cesarean delivery
  • VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)
  • Hospital birth
  • Epidural and narcotic analgesia use
  • Hypnobabies

Experience and Confidence in Postpartum

  • Nursing support
  • Pumping support
  • Bottle feeding support
  • Sibling adjustment
  • Cloth diapering
  • Cesarean recovery
  • Safe sleep
  • Newborn care