Peaceful, Beautiful Henna


Utilize this ancient art to create your own Family tradition

Having henna done on your body feels just about as good as when someone gently and peacefully brushes your hair. The light, gentle strokes of Kelley's incredibly talented hand will leave you with a beautiful design and an amazing memory.

Whether you are wanting some quiet one on one time or this is the absolute best baby shower idea anyone has ever come up with, we have it covered. Imagine the memories...

Kelley has been a local artist for years and all of Tulsa Family Doula's henna is locally-sourced and without any of the junky stuff. Choose the size henna art you would like below or contact us and we will custom create a henna party!

Read this beautiful blog filled with amazing pictures of henna art. 

We will also provide henna for more than just expecting women. Henna is available for bridal showers, birthday parties or just for fun time with your family or friends. The henna artist is also available for henna crowns for those that have lost their hair due to cancer treatments. We want to honor you in every phase and stage of your life and make sure you are feeling pampered and supported. 

Henna Art
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