Happiest Baby on the Block 

Honoring the 4th Trimester


I bet the people that use the term, sleeping like a baby don't have a newborn around their home very often. As most new parents know, the first 3-4 months with a newborn are anything but calm and peaceful. 

Your baby has had a 24 hour buffet of warmth, closeness, food and nurturing while in your womb and the transition to life outside of the womb can be hard on everyone. In the Happiest Baby on the Block classes, we teach you how to transform that overwhelming time with a newborn into an empowering one. 

We talk about the physiological changes your baby is going through and how to prevent the colicky symptoms in a newborn. Oftentimes, those long crying bouts are in response to their adjustment to life outside of the womb and with the right techniques, you are able to lessen the frustration of colic or remove them all together. 

Send us a message about your desire to have an in-home private session with a Certified Happiest Baby on the Block Instructor.

You can make it through this time with your newborn and we can help. 

Happiest Baby on the Block Class
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