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Tulsa Dentist Offers Tongue Tie Revision

Tulsa Dentist Offers Tongue Tie Revision

Angie Nauman with Glisten Dental provides laser frenectomy procedures to help increase breastfeeding comfort and success for mothers and babies struggling through lip-tie and tongue-tie. 

The longer I'm in birth and postpartum work, the more I see the need to make sure that those providing much needed services are hailed in our community. One of those services is tongue-tie revision. A quick google image search of tongue-tie brings a whole host of pictures of babies, children and even adults with their red mouths gaping, lips splayed and their tongues lifted to see the sometimes very noticeable frenulums holding tightly to tissue where there should be freedom.

Most local families have been referred to Oklahoma City or Wichita to receive laser revisions for tongue-ties or lip-ties for their babies, but sometimes the thought of traveling even 90 minutes with a newborn can be daunting. But these families will, many times, do whatever is necessary to save themselves pain or risk having their nursing relationship cease because of a physical abnormality. 

Listen up, northeast Oklahoma, you have an option here!