12 Gifts of Christmas - Day 1 HaaKaa

Merry Christmas!!

Tis’ the season for making memories with your family and friends, for taking time to give back to others and showing love to everyone around you, we would like to show our love by giving away some gifts to our wonderful community.

Each day from now until Christmas we will feature an item and do a giveaway!

Here is how you get entered into the drawing;

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  1. Like (or Love) the post

  2. Tag a friend you think would also love the item

  3. Share the post to your page

And that’s it! There is no limit to how many items you can win, you can enter each day for the different items. The contest ends once the next giveaway is posted so we will announce the winner at the same time.

Now on to our first giveaway!!

The HaaKaa!!

This item is from a company based in New Zealand.
If you have ever pumped while nursing a baby you know the struggle of sanitizing the pump parts, the giant bag you have to carry around, the cords, the tubes…. I know, you’re already having flashbacks, aren’t you?
One thing that you will hear over and over again from lactation specialists is that you should hand express, and yes, that is a very good option that can work amazingly! But sometimes you want that suction as well, so here is the solution!
The HaaKaa is a completely silicone item made from non toxic materials and is very easy to clean in between uses. Many moms love using this on one side while nursing baby on the other while other moms use this when going back to work in lieu of a traditional pump altogether!

Click the picture of the HaaKaa if you would like to order a set, but of course enter into the drawing!!