12 Gifts of Christmas - Day 7 Baby Shusher

It’s day 7’s giveaway and we are doubling up to catch up!

The next gift we would like to gift is, The Baby Shusher!!

Everyone does it, the baby starts to fuss so you stand and bounce and start “shushing” and when you really think about it, do you ever wonder why that’s drilled into your head as a soothing technique..?
I mean, if someone is upset it’s kind of rude to ‘shush’ them!

Remember a few days ago when we talked about the swaddle and re-creating the snug environment for your baby and how comforting that is?
Well here’s another tip!
Babies are used to a constantly loud environment inside the womb, and the level of noise is comparable to turning a vacuum cleaner on right next to you.. Let that sink in for a minute.

That is really loud!

Imagine you’re having a day of house cleaning and you turn the vacuum on and you take 20-30 minutes and go through every room cleaning the floors, connecting the hoses and getting the edges and corners, you finally finish and shut the vacuum off, your ears are ringing and the silence is deafening. Magnify that feeling times.. ‘Insert math here’ to try to wrap your head around how much harder that is for a baby who has only ever known that level of sound.

So maybe you never knew the reasoning behind that instinct, but now you know!

Now it’s a little inconvenient to carry a vaccuum around to soothe your baby every time he’s upset so we have a solution for you, The Baby Shusher!!

This handy little device runs on batteries and easily fits in a diaper bag.

We are giving one away, you guys know what to do!!