12 Gifts of Christmas - Day 5 Muslin Swaddle Set

What fun it is to give away, allllllll of the things!!
O’ Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all….

Oh hey, welcome back! Time for some more gifts!!

Lets talk SWADDLE.

If you are expecting a new baby and have no idea what this is… Oh honey, come let us enlighten you!
Babies are used to constant tightness inside the womb, I mean just think about if after you’ve delivered your baby and you’re looking at your stomach thinking, how in the world did she fit in there?? Quite snugly, actually!
And when you’re used to something for your entire existence it’s kind of terrible to go to the complete opposite. Here is how we recreate that snug and tight feeling that keeps them so incredibly calm and happy, we swaddle!

Swaddle is a method of wrapping your baby tightly in a blanket of some sorts, you can purchase fancy designed swaddles with velcro and zippers, (and don’t get me wrong, those things are very handy) but the traditional swaddle is done with a blanket and our most favorite is that velvety soft muslin.
Muslin blankets are thin and large, but because of the thin-ness, it is very easy to fold in half and get the tightness that you need.

So we would like to gift this gorgeous swaddle to wrap your little one!!

Merry Christmas!!