12 Gifts of Christmas - Day 4 Mason Jar Bottles

Ok, I’m especially excited about this one!!

You know we love Mason Jars, I mean come on, they’re adorable!

We plant succulents in them, sip tea out of the ones with the handles on a cool summer day, sometimes we even can some strawberry jam! (Ok, not really)

But did you know, you can turn them into baby bottles??
No, this is not a joke, breathe ladies!

You can purchase silicone sleeves to go over the jar portion and silicone nipples that fit perfectly inside the ring of your lid, and once you’re ready to upgrade from the bottle you can switch out the nipple for a straw top!! (They are equally adorable)

If you’ve been around for long you’ve probably heard that you should never heat something up in plastic, can cause cancer, you’ll absorb plastic toxins into your body, grow wings. (Ok, not the last one! lol) etc.
Now granted, they have new plastic bottles that are safer and if you warm them up in a bottle warmer it’s not the same as the microwave.
But some people are wanting to go back to glass bottles anyways just be safe.
Lots of your favorite bottle brands have super cute glass options, but my goodness, how can you resist with this Mason Bottle!!

We would like to give away a starter set!!!

This set includes two nipples, one silicone sleeve, one lid and two mason jars. Everything you need to get started!!