12 Gifts of Christmas - Day 3 Placenta Encapsulation

It’s day 3!!

We are just loving getting to giveaway these gifts to families!

Rachel, I hope you love that baby wrap from yesterday.

Today we would like to gift Placenta Encapsulation to someone!!

Ok, so what is this placenta encapsulation? I mean, the placenta is supposed to be thrown away after you deliver, right?
There is another option!

So think of it like this, your body is growing this baby and placenta over a nine month time frame, the hormone and nutrient levels are rising higher and higher each day.
And then its baby day! You birth your beautiful baby and then moments later your placenta is also delivered.. Along with all of the hormones and nutrients.

How will you react to this sudden drop in high hormone levels your body has become used to? Will the mood swings be severe?
Will you develop post partum depression or anxiety?
Will all the stress on your body lead to struggles in milk production?

These are the questions that usually lead to the decisions to have their placenta encapsulated.

The method used by Tulsa Family Doulas is the steamed method, we do the process in your home so you can witness the process if you’d like and you can also know without a doubt that if is your placenta, also being such a delicate organ you can be assured that it’s not mixing with another homes germs and microbiome.

We will add there have not been enough studies to prove the validity of the results, so at this point they are listed as “anecdotal”.

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