12 Gifts of Christmas - Day 2 Baby Wrap

We’re back!!

Congratulations to the winner from yesterday, we hope you love your HaaKaa!

Today’s gift is a baby wrap!

Your new baby’s whole world has been with mom, she has always felt your warmth and listened to your heartbeat, she’s always enjoyed the sway of you walking around and that snug and safe feeling.
What better way to bond with your baby than to recreate that feeling and get some much needed cuddles?
Baby Wearing!
Yes, I said ‘wearing’ this years winter accessory is, babies!
When it comes to your options on baby carriers there are dozens of styles and brands and colors it can be very overwhelming.
You can ask any mom and they will probably have a carrier that they just swear by and their baby loved, but you’ll turn around and have another mom that hates that carrier. So who is right? Both!
Using a carrier is all about personal preference and taking into account the size and age of your baby and your own size and body type to know whats going to fit the two of you the best.
One way I would recommend deciding on a carrier is going to a baby wearing group/meeting and trying on all of the carriers and feeling the materials etc.
There are also Lending Libraries in some areas (we do have one in Tulsa) where you can pay for a year membership and check out carriers throughout the year. Some people use this as a chance to try all of the carriers before buying one, and some love the option of switching around to different prints and styles throughout the year because they just love all the carriers.
Whatever the reason, it is a great resource.

The carrier we will be giving away today is a traditional jersey knit wrap specifically designed for newborns and adjustable for mom or dad!

Merry Christmas!!