Fall Placenta Encapsulation Sale

Fall Placenta Encapsulation Sale

Placenta encapsulation in Tulsa is growing by leaps and bounds! It is so exciting to be on the service side of working with new moms and babies and seeing first-hand what is working for our clients and then hearing from them a couple weeks later ecstatic about their choice to encapsulate.

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So much education is out there about the reported benefits of encapsulating your placenta, and even (for the strong stomached) a blog about our process of encapsulation. Now we know there aren't any significant studies that detail why encapsulation works for some women. We know consuming one's placenta and the resulting experiences could be a complete placebo affect, and we are very open to sharing that. However, the women that report back to us on their personal experiences hail encapsulation as a definite bonus to their postpartum experiences. We also understand that, just like medication, the results, personal experiences and perceived side affects will be different for everyone. 

Twice a year, we run a special for a FREE placenta tincture and salve and we are still serving clients that chose to utilize this same price break from the May sale. Way to plan ahead, mamas! 

So, for the month of October, you can receive a free tincture - $30 value and a free salve - $40 value ($50 value when purchased together) with a signed contract and retainer for basic placenta encapsulation services.

You do not have to give birth in October, but the encapsulation process does need to take place by October 2018.

You will be connected with your very own certified encapsulator who will deliver a placenta transport kit to you and immediately go on-call for YOU. No waiting in line. No fuss about who is going to be the one to process for you. A direct connection to your own personal placenta miracle worker.

Any other questions? We are more than happy to talk through our process and ease your mind. 

Ready to purchase? We are ready to serve you!