How do I find reliable childcare when I have to go back to work?

How do I find reliable childcare when I have to go back to work?


The thought of going back to work after having a baby can bring up a whole mess of emotions for many new moms. Until our employers, and heck, our country, can figure out how to promote exceptional maternity leave, the reality is that going back to work and leaving your baby with someone that isn't you is all to real.

One of Tulsa Family Doulas' most popular services is postpartum doula support where we provide certified support for the new mom during the vulnerable transition to life with a newborn with daytime, overnight and live-in care when family may not be nearby to provide help.

Many times, when our postpartum doula work is beginning to end, we will help transition the family to working with a childcare provider, most often a nanny. Our favorite nanny agency is E-Nanny and the owner, Erika Slade, is incredibly passionate about providing exceptional nannies for her clients.

I asked her to write a little blog about her company and tell a little bit more about how she can provide you with childcare services when going back to work, and the smooth transition from the care of the doulas with Tulsa Family Doulas.

"I still remember coming home with my second child. I was so excited and just ready for life.  But unlike my life after my firstborn, I had a whole other human to care for. My eldest was just 22 months at the time. Cue the exhaustion and feelings of being overwhelmed, underwhelming, and just not with it in general.

Then my mother (cue the music) arrived and volunteered to take my eldest with her during the day for a few days during the week to allow me to acclimate to my new baby and recover from my cesarean. What a gift! To have time to heal, learn the essence of this new life that I was now charged with protecting and nurturing, and do the occasional load of was amazing. 

In that season of life I realized the benefits of community and family. But for many of my mom friends, that isn't an option. They may not have family nearby, or know someone they'd trust to care for their child. 

And then for the working mommas, often the process of finding childcare can be stressful. At E-Nanny we work to provide our clients with childcare they can trust to ease the back to work transition. We walk our clients through the process of determining exactly what they are looking for in a nanny and provide them with quality, fully-vetted and educated nannies to give their babies the best of the best in care. 

We work with full-term and premature babies, multiples, and babies with specific protocols or special needs. Not only do the nannies provide exceptional care for these children, they assist the family by picking up the nursery or playroom, washing bottles and feeding utensils, and laundering their sheets and clothes. 

While we may not be able to magically undo all the emotions and changes that come with the birth of new baby, at E-Nanny, we can help meet the ever changing needs of new mothers by providing security, consistency, and support."

When you are ready to go back to work and need a nanny, check out E-Nanny and tell her Tulsa Family Doulas sent you.