I Diaper Tulsa

I Diaper Tulsa Diaper Drive and Fundraiser for Emergency Infant Services

September 24, 10am-2pm, Lifetime Fitness South Tulsa


To whom much is given, much is required.

That's the backbone of the I Diaper Tulsa diaper drive and fundraiser for Emergency Infant Services.

Tulsa Family Doulas had a great first year, and as we are inching closer to our second anniversary, it was time to step it up a notch. Missy David, birth and postpartum doula with TFD and Your Birth Experience creator, and I (Sarah Coffin) talked at length about doing a diaper drive and community event. More than one thing happened to make us pause, but then decided this summer, that finally it. was. time.

Combining an idea presented at Social Media Tulsa where Missy was a speaker, and our love for Tulsa and Steve Cluck's work, she came up with the name I Diaper Tulsa and it became the agency's baby.

Because of successful business practices, Tulsa Family Doulas was able to put together this event, and have every single penny of the proceeds go to Emergency Infant Services - the agency isn't getting paid back for any of the costs incurred.


Basically, we are throwing a HUGE community party and want to invite you ALL!

We know as doulas that we can't go to every family in need in Tulsa and give them the same support that we give our clients. Our work is valuable and a huge benefit, and there is a great need for solid childbirth education, consistent birth support and caring postpartum support.

But, there are 7 of us in Tulsa Family Doulas. With families. We are well aware of our limitations of time and capabilities.

What we CAN do!


But what we CAN do, is raise awareness of organizations that ARE currently meeting the needs of families right here in our community. Emergency Infant Services has been serving Tulsa families since 1977. That is longer than I have been alive here in Tulsa, but not by much. Don't do the math on that.

What we CAN do is create an accessible annual event where everyone can bring their families and for the price of a package of diapers or $5/person, maximum $12/family, they can enjoy a day of fantastic fun (have you looked at the schedule for this event?), spend time with some of the best businesses for families in Tulsa, learn so many safety skills, sibling skills, breastfeeding skills, get raffle tickets for HUGE giveaways and walk away knowing that by enjoying a day with their family, they made a world of difference for another family with tangible needs.


What we CAN do is work with a local artist to sell I Diaper Tulsa t-shirts and give ALL the proceeds to Emergency Infant Services. Steve's work is meaningful to this community and his generosity in this is not going unnoticed. If you can proudly wear one of his I Heart Tulsa t-shirts, then you can show just as much pride in your community when you wear the I Diaper Tulsa t-shirt.

What YOU can do!

You want to know what YOU can do to make a difference? Share this information. Come to the I Diaper Tulsa event on September 24, 10am-2pm at Lifetime Fitness South Tulsa, 106th and Memorial. Bring diapers to any of the business listed as participants. Spam social media with this information, search for #idiapertulsa. Buy a t-shirt. Invest in our community. Invest in the families in Tulsa.

We CAN do that together.

Visit I Diaper Tulsa for more information.