Why do you want a postpartum doula?

Why do you want a postpartum doula?

If I could have you be a fly on the wall in our postpartum clients house, it would make this description so much easier. 

How do you describe in mere words what we do when we enter the home of a mom that just had a baby? I can tell you we help her sleep, eat and breathe. I can tell you we listen, provide reassurance and perspective. We hold, cuddle and adore. But, it's more

We prioritize the mom and the family.


That transition to motherhood only becomes more complicated after birth. Now, there is a completely dependent little human that you exited your body that requires constancy from you. We hope and dream that the newborn fog isn't dreary and cloudy, but we can't guarantee that the sleep deprivation won't creep in and take over. 

Your Tulsa Family Doulas postpartum doula makes sure that you are sleeping. This can happen a couple of ways:

  • She can provide your baby with safe space while you nap during the day
  • She can come to your home at night and help with feedings and sleep, so that the family can get as much shut-eye as possible.

It's more than a nanny, night nanny or newborn care specialist. These providers take exceptional care of the baby so the family can continue functioning. Postpartum doulas take care of the mom first, so she can thrive for her family. 

Do you see the difference?

We help you become your best you.

Your postpartum doula is an expert in the normalcy in the recovery of birth and the newborn period, all the way up to when you are introducing solids at 6 months. Tulsa Family Doulas don't tell you how you should be parenting your baby, but they help you figure out how you want to parent your baby, and provide you with tangible steps and skills to accomplish that. 

She will come in and pamper you with meal preparation and planning, but also go to the grocery store with you so you can learn how to handle a newborn in that intimidating new space. 

Your postpartum doula will help you decipher your baby's cues, so you can walk confidently to each feed knowing that you are fulfilling both your needs and your baby's. 

Our best goal for you. 

We want your time home with your baby to be filled with confidence, rest, care, pampering and hope for your future as a new mom. If you can start on a solid foundation knowing that you are the best mom for this baby you have been given, then each step you take together as a family is built on that foundation of strength. 

It is hugely important for us to care for moms in a way they don't receive in society. Let us breathe life, rest and solace in you as a new mom. Contact Tulsa Family Doulas today.