The Tulsa Family Doulas Difference

The Tulsa Family Doulas Difference

The growth in the popularity and presence of doulas in Tulsa has been astounding lately. More people are realizing the positive benefits for continuous, compassionate care before pregnancy, during birth and after delivery. Serious studies show the benefit to having doula support, and many women find the increased satisfaction of having that continuous, unbiased support well worth the investment. 

The process of finding a doula may seem like it would be quite daunting, but it really doesn't have to be. Many other families are doing just this same process as you. Tulsa Family Doulas eases the process by taking care of a couple of really important steps for you ahead of time. 


Megan, Sarah, Missy, Kelley, Kirsty and Sarah Tulsa Family Doulas Agency

Megan, Sarah, Missy, Kelley, Kirsty and Sarah Tulsa Family Doulas Agency

Every doula that is a part of Tulsa Family Doulas has been hand-selected to be a valuable part of your birth team. Each woman has been vetted to assure that your goals for pregnancy or in parenting become her goals. Since most of the clients we serve feel safer in the hospital, we are well-versed in the process and procedures of each hospital and are completely comfortable and confident in that space. We have visited or worked in your place of birth and know the ins and outs, so that we can help you navigate your time there with peace and confidence. 

Multiple Trainings 

When you hire Tulsa Family Doulas, you get the added benefit of having someone completely capable of helping you with childbirth education, birth doula support and even postpartum doula support. Every single doula has gone through rigorous training to be able to say confidently, "Yes, I can teach you how to have your baby, hold your hand as you do, and come to your home to provide you with the best new mom care after you bring your new baby home." 

Complete Circle of Care

Tulsa Family Doulas mission is to increase the confidence in birth and in parenting for every family we serve. To accomplish that mission, every service we offer is centered on providing tangible skills to educate and pamper our clients, help reduce stress, enhance bonding with your new baby and easily adjust to a new normal. 

We really can provide you with a complete circle of care from the time you discover you are pregnant, until your baby is sitting up and taking their first bite of real food. We offer multiple different types of childbirth classes, placenta encapsulation, breastfeeding classes and in-home breastfeeding help. We want to provide you ease of care in finding all your options for support in Tulsa. If we don't offer the service, we will help you find someone who does. 

Let Tulsa Family Doulas be the best investment you make while planning your baby. Contact us for a complimentary consultation with your team of support.