How Do I Get this Baby to Sleep?

Guest blogger Tara Hess, Gentle Sleep Coach, owner of Tulsa Pediatric Sleep Consulting in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

How Do I Get this Baby to Sleep?

Sleep Help is Available!


I am a certified Gentle Sleep Coach who helps families struggling with their child’s sleep patterns and needing help getting some healthy, consistent sleep for their child.

What exactly is sleep training? It is the process of helping a child learn to fall asleep independently and stay asleep through the night.

Did you know sleep is a learned skill?

Some children will learn this skill relatively quickly and easily. But many others will need a lot of help with this.

Temperament has a lot to do with how a child sleeps. What I can help you figure out is how to establish healthy patterns and routines to encourage the best sleep possible.

How early is too early?

There are many differences of opinions on when it is appropriate to start sleep training. Although some gentle sleep shaping (with little crying) can be started from early on, I don’t recommend starting a strict sleep training plan until around six months. This is the age where many babies are developmentally able to sleep for long stretches at night, when the self-soothing skills are fully developed and sleep is organized in the brain.

Am I too late for help for my child?


I work with families who have children from birth to the age of six years. With babies 0-5 months, I provide sleep education, expectations and tips to encourage healthy sleep right from the start. For children six months to six years, I provide parents with a customized, step-by-step plan for sleep training.

I keep the parents’ goals in mind and always let them choose their own method.

There are different options! Every child is different and there is no one-size-fits-all plan. Getting good sleep doesn't have to be painful for your family.

For more information on sleep help and what to do to help establish healthy sleep patterns, please contact Tulsa Pediatric Sleep Consulting. When you call (918) 688-4923, you will receive a free 15 minute initial phone consultation.