Growing a Baby: Part 4 Third Trimester

Growing a Baby

Part 4 Third Trimester


So close! You're more than halfway done, and the end is in sight even though it probably doesn't feel like it yet. You probably even have a name picked out for your little one, and if you don't, no rush. Sometimes it helps to meet the baby first. Aaah! You're having a baby!

You're probably feeling like the time so far has flown by and has taken forever all at the same time.

Welcome to the time when you'll finally start to understand why everyone says the days are long but the years are short. 

If only there were short lines in the bathrooms, however. Third trimester bladder here, people!

Why do pregnant women pee so much?

The size of the bladder in the third trimester is no joke! First of all, you are told to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and then your teeny tiny little bladder has to empty all of that fluid out, but there is no room in that bladder anymore. 

So you become BFFs with the restroom in absolutely every building you step foot in and make your plans throughout the day so that you are always close to the toilet. Just went to the bathroom and sat down and got comfy? Sounds like just the right time to need to get up and go again. 

Check out the picture below to see all the changes your body has gone through to grow your baby. You are an amazing and powerful being that should give herself a pat on the back

staying hydrated in pregnancy


It is important to remember, your body does need to stay hydrated throughout your pregnancy. If you do happen to overdo it a couple of days or become dehydrated, your uterus can respond by giving you some practice contractions. However, these aren't the kind you want that help prepare your body for labor. These are the ones that don't necessarily make progress, but are uncomfortable and sometimes disconcerting. Severe dehydration can cause pre-term labor.

If you haven't made it to term yet and you are having contractions too soon and you have rested and hydrated, it is a good idea to get in touch with your care provider. You may need to go in for monitoring just to see what all is going on. Your doctor may be able to get the contractions to stop by giving you a bag of fluids and can give you a plan of action for the remainder of your pregnancy. 

Want to try to avoid extra visits to the hospital? Guzzle down the agua and be okay with convenience store restrooms in a pinch. 

How do I introduce my pets to the baby?

Often referred to as your first baby, your pets are able to sense a change in your hormones and a shift in the dynamics of what is happening in the home. They are keenly aware of your emotions and feelings surrounding this new change and will begin to mimic your emotions. 

First Fur-Baby

If you have any concerns over how your dog will respond to a new baby, please be sure to contact a professional dog trainer to come work with you and your furry family member before the baby arrives. 


For pet owners that are working with dogs, there is a pack mentality that is ingrained into your canine's brain. By establishing yourself as the pack leader, setting clear and consistent boundaries and introducing your new baby as one of the pack leaders, you can help pave the way for a long-term healthy and beneficial relationship with your baby and your fur-baby. 

Have a familiar family member bring home a blanket that the baby has been wrapped in before bringing the baby home from the hospital and give your dog a chance to acclimate to the new smell of the baby. Your dog is still going to be incredibly interested in the baby when you finally bring your little one home, but this way there will already be some association to the new person that has come into their life. 

Never leave your baby alone with your pet. You never know what might happen to trigger a negative response from the dog - and this advice crosses all breeds. There is no one safer breed than any others when it comes to the safety of your baby. 

Set boundaries, remember to close doors and if you need some extra help when it comes to adjusting to your postpartum life, including loving on your four-legged friends, we can help you there too. 

What do I put in my hospital bag?

You ready to pack your bag?! 

If I can give one suggestion, it's to pack lightly. I have been to a lot of births and I have seen the variety of packers and planners. It can feel like you are moving in to the hospital for the short stay that you will have there. 


I always suggest keeping the bare minimum in one bag for mom and dad and then leave the baby stuff in the car until after you have moved to the postpartum room. You'll likely be staying at the hospital for 24-48 hours, so you only need to pack comfies and overnight essentials. 

what do i wear while in labor?

With that being said, you can pack (and wear!) whatever you want to while you are giving birth and hanging out in the postpartum room. You absolutely do not have to wear the hospital gown if you don't want to. 

Yep, birth is pretty messy, but that's why we are blessed to have washers and dryers. Maternity skirts and tank tops are a great option and there are even maternity gowns that are made to be accessible for monitors and nursing during and after your birthing time.

Some other items to consider would be chargers for the phones and plenty of room on your camera or phone to take all the pictures you can muster, relaxation tracks and whatever you find to bring you a sense of comfort  while you are welcoming your new baby.

We can't wait to see you again next week for PArt 5 and we will dive into how you know when to head to the hospital!