Growing a Baby: Part 3 Second Trimester

Growing a Baby

Part 3 Second Trimester

Second trimester! Hopefully, you have some more energy and are feeling a little more up to the task of planning out the rest of your pregnancy and birth. And there seems to be an ever-growing list of things to plan.


Are you enjoying your pregnancy? Feeling a little anxiety? Wondering how time can move so slowly and so quickly all at once?  

We get it! That's why we are here. Every service we offer provides tangible ways to increase your confidence in birth and in parenting. 

Check out some of our best recommendations to enjoy your second trimester below including planning ahead for some awesome gender reveal party ideas!

Best Pregnancy Apps and our Favorite Birth Book

Technology today makes having information at your fingertips so much more enjoyable. Instead of just having a mountain-size stack of books on your nightstand (which you probably do), you can learn so much just by scrolling through the weekly apps that talk about what your body and your baby are up to. A great review of pregnancy apps was found on and provided a list of apps that would appeal to more than one personality style. It starts with the more technical and medical WebMD Pregnancy as their first choice and then went to a more community-based recommendation with the I'm Expecting app. 

Hands down our favorite book about birth is A Good Birth: Finding the Positive and Profound in Your Childbirth Experience by Anne Lyerly. There is so much goodness in this book written by an OB/GYN about what is truly important for anyone giving birth. A must read for sure!

books, social media and opinions! oh my!

You've probably found out by now that ANY due date groups or pregnancy communities are going to have strongly opinionated people in them. They may fight tooth and nail against any birth that isn't natural or even state that you are making bad decisions for your  pregnancy and birth based on the choices you are making. I have the BEST piece of advice for any book or group that is causing you undue stress and frustration!


You ready?

Shut the book. Unfollow the group. Delete the app. Leave the facebook drama behind you! You don't need the opinions of hundreds of other women to figure out what is best for you and your family. You need thoughtful questions and time to generate your answer. You need the space to make your own choices and learn from them.

This is your baby. No one else's. So stop any unnecessary drama or unwanted opinions by turning yourself inward. What is going to work for you and your family is the only thing that matters. The only reason authors will have different opinions and apps will have contradictory information is because the only way they will make any money is if they say something different than everybody else. Let that sink in and remind yourself of this jewel of information next time you find yourself questioning who and what is saying the right thing for you. 

all of the good and none of the bad

Make a choice right now to take in solid information and hold onto the good found in it and let go of the bad. If some parts of one book work for you and a snippet of another works, that's great. You can be an attachment parent that breastfeeds and babywears, but uses disposables, a pacifier and has a schedule for sleep all at the same time. Never let yourself get put into a box because of other people's opinions. 

Childbirth Education Classes

Now that you have given yourself permission to only make decisions that are right for you and not based on what any author or commenter has to say about your pregnancy and delivery, it's time to start thinking about learning how exactly that gymnast and bladder boxer is going to actually get out of your stretching body and into your arms.

Your Birth Experience childbirth class


We are privileged to offer two different types of childbirth education in our agency. The Your Birth Experience curriculum is provided to each of our clients that choose birth doula services and is a complete childbirth education resource all on its own. Anyone can then choose to have a private one-on-one class with a certified instructor or be a part of a group in this 4-5 hour class that helps connect parents, identify their desires and equip them for the best birth experience possible for them. 

Hypnobabies Childbirth Class


We also offer a 6 week Hypnobabies class that meets once a week for about 3 hours. This may sound a little out of your range of normal, but it really isn't as "out there" as it sounds. This class gives you tangible tools to have an easier and more comfortable childbirth and a pregnancy and birth that is filled with confidence. It teaches medical grade hypnosis to achieve a profound state of relaxation, and honestly, who doesn't want to learn how to relax just a little bit better these days especially during pregnancy and birth, am I right?


Some questions to ask when researching childbirth classes 

  • Does this class push one type of birth as the better option over all others?
  • What is the weekly time commitment for this class?
  • Will I be able to commit to the practice or method this class suggests?
  • Do I agree with their philosophy or do I feel guilty about maybe not wanting what they are promoting?
  • Is the instructor contradictory to your care provider or supportive of your choices?
  • Does the class present updated evidence-based or is it giving out old recommendations?

Talk to the instructor, explore your options and get ready, because childbirth education classes are awesome!

Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Now, I know this is REALLY why you are here and reading this blog. The pictures and the plans of letting the world know if you are having a boy or a girl (or both!) are so exciting!

KayLee celebrating that it's a boy!

KayLee celebrating that it's a boy!

If you missed the original post requesting pictures and stories, head on over to Tulsa Family Doula's facebook page and enjoy the stories and pictures that wouldn't fit on this blog including a failed ultrasound reading and gender reveal oops!


What about having the sonographer put the gender information in a sealed envelope and then take it to a cake baker like KayLee did in this picture? Then they can put little dollops of blue or pink inside the cake and when you cut into the cake, you get to see the surprise.

This is a perfect way for a smaller gathering of family and friends to celebrate with you and be the first to hear if you are having a boy or girl.

Then you get to actually eat the cake in celebration of your good news! 

theme party

Do you have a specific theme that you are using when planning for the baby? Maybe a nursery idea that you want to take a little further? Incorporate that theme into your party and enjoy a unique way to celebrate together!

Tiffany planned an adorable Peter Pan themed party that included a tee-pee that had blue smoke billowing up to signal that a boy was coming.

Tiffany planned an adorable Peter Pan themed party that included a tee-pee that had blue smoke billowing up to signal that a boy was coming.

We loved the way Tiffany added in the special touches of her Peter Pan ideas in her pictures and story. 

This type of celebration is perfect for a small or large group of people. The announcement is big enough that everyone is able to see at the same time and could accommodate a larger crowd especially if you have some outdoor space like a backyard or park for the party.

No backyard and still want to hold the event outdoors? Recruit a party planner to hold the event in a special location or even have one of your friends to help host the party at their home.

Perfect opportunity to stretch your creative muscles!


Kirsty let her daughter be the one to share about her new baby sister!

Kirsty let her daughter be the one to share about her new baby sister!

Maybe you have older siblings that want to be involved in a big way. Give them a part in the reveal and they will be extra excited to help share the news about whether or not it is a little brother or a little sister that they are anxiously waiting on. 

no pressure. Just fun!

Alright, take a deep breath. This is your baby and your experience. Pinterest doesn't have anything on the beauty of sharing this experience either with 100 of your closest friends and family or with just the two of you. You get to decide the intimacy of this moment and then be able to treasure the looks of joy, shock and surprise of friends and family when celebrating together. 

Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. Take some ideas, but make them your own and just have fun!

birth reveal

Shiann learning that baby #3 was a boy with two older sisters. 

Shiann learning that baby #3 was a boy with two older sisters. 

It is so fun to support clients that wait until after delivery to find out the sex of their baby. Every birth we have the privilege of getting to attend is honestly heart-stopping amazing and I love seeing the joy on these moms faces when they meet their baby for the first time.

The wonder and excitement of every miracle caught on camera is breathtaking. 

You're going to do great, mama. Give yourself a high five for growing a whole person inside you. 

Looking forward to next week? We are! Our Growing a Baby blog series continues with Part 4 and answering Third Trimester questions.  

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