Fair Trade Coffee and Fair Trade Doulas

Fair Trade Coffee and Fair Trade Doulas 

Written by: Sarah Coffin, Owner and Founder of Tulsa Family Doulas

Back image: Stormy,  It Takes a Village...,  acrylic on canvas,   34" x 58 3/4", #07-10518  Left image: Carrie Wilson,  Untitled , acrylic on board  Right image: Carrie Wilson,  Untitled , acrylic on board

Back image: Stormy, It Takes a Village..., acrylic on canvas, 34" x 58 3/4", #07-10518

Left image: Carrie Wilson, Untitled, acrylic on board

Right image: Carrie Wilson, Untitled, acrylic on board

I'm the type of person that likes the back story and the 'why' behind why I purchase what I purchase. I love to search out hole in the wall restaurants that are authentic and family-oriented and become regulars there. The walls of my home are covered with paintings from local artists because I believe in the power of art and the importance of its impact on society. I love Tulsa and giving back in my community. I get a kick out of supporting small locally-owned businesses and directly and positively impacting their family. There is so much meaning to supporting organizations and businesses that I believe are making a true difference in our crazy world in which we live. I like feeling connected to the healthy food I eat and the coffee I drink.

And oh man, do I love to drink coffee. Scratch that, I love to drink GOOD coffee. 

OMG. I just showed you the inside of my fridge. 

OMG. I just showed you the inside of my fridge. 

Drink All the Coffee

We have a summer and early fall tradition where we make a big batch of iced coffee once a week that hangs out in a carafe in our refrigerator. I get to give all the credit to the Pioneer Woman, another fellow Okie, for this stroke of genius. Seriously, is there anything she does that isn't just amazing? You can always give me a gift of one of Ree's cookbooks and I may just give ya a smooch on the cheek for it. Just, if you haven't tried her iced coffee yet, y'all, you have to try it. And being one who loves to feel even more connected to my daily addiction, I feel it is important to use Fair Trade Coffee. 

Fair Trade was originally created to help ensure coffee farmers are paid a fair and stable price for their coffee. According to Fair Trade USA, "Your rich cup of Fair Trade coffee can help farmers escape poverty. Most small-scale family farmers live in remote locations and lack access to credit, so they are vulnerable to middlemen who offer cash for their coffee at a fraction of its value. Fair Trade guarantees farmers a minimum price, and links farmers directly with importers, creating long-term sustainability. Through Fair Trade, farmers earn better incomes, allowing them to hold on to their land and invest in quality."

Woah. Something as simple as purchasing a different brand and slightly more expensive cup of coffee can impact a farmer enough to help them escape poverty, maintain ownership of their land and create long-term sustainability. How can I say no to that?

I can't.

pay all the doulas

And that's why I believe in Fair Trade Doulas* as well. This work that we do, this passion that we have, goes down to the deepest parts of our souls. The service that we provide moves way beyond education and support but crosses over into being completely attuned to every emotional and physical need that our clients and their partners may have during what is one of the most epic events in their life.

We become absolutely everything our clients need at a moment's notice and without pause to the impact of our own schedule, plans and family.  We affirm their emotions, breathe confidence when they doubt, acknowledge their strength when they accomplish, and hold them when they cry very real tears of pain, disappointment, fatigue and sadness. We do all of this while never having our own goals besides their own, never pushing our own agenda, or being impacted by their decisions. 

How do we do this?

The hospital makes the medical care of the patient the priority. We come right along side that nurse and complete the circle of care. The nurses, doctors and midwives are there for a healthy mom and a healthy baby. Tulsa Family Doulas are there for a healthy mind and a healthy bond.** Both are a priority. Both are important and necessary. Both impact parenting, future pregnancies, the size of a family and a mom's confidence in herself. We respect that role, never cross over into the boundary of the care providers, and provide true collaborative care, giving our clients the absolute best support possible.  

This is important work.

Work that is bred from our hearts and work that requires sustainability. If there is not sustainability, the doulas that have very real skills and abilities to complete that circle of care have to stop being a doula to go get a "real job" to help provide income for their family. I want to change that. I want there to be Fair Trade Doulas that are guaranteed a living wage for their work so they can escape poverty, hold onto their homes and create sustainability.



I believe in this work, the stories behind 'why' women want to serve other women in such a giving way, the impact of their work in my community, and the future of the profession of doulas. I believe in Fair Trade Doulas, charging Fair Trade prices for our services and paying the doulas within my agency Fair Trade and sustainable pay. I'm part of a revolution of doulas that are breaking away from poverty mentalities and creating real businesses that are part of real communities making real change for the women they serve.


Welcome to Tulsa Family Doulas.

Our mission is to increase confidence in birth and in parenting for every family we serve and we always promise you our absolute best. 

*Fair Trade Doulas originally coined by Missy David, the Honeybee Mama

**Learned this gem from Randy Patterson, co-owner of ProDoula.