Back to School with Tulsa Family Doulas

It's back to school and you know what that means: school clothes shopping, doctor visits, hair cuts and the dreaded school supply purchasing! There are all the wonderful first day of school pics posted on social media and the mommies and daddies with tears in their eyes as they realize their babies are yet another year older...then there are the stay-at-home-parents and work-at-home-parents who celebrate with mimosas after dropping off their kids FINALLY!

Well, at Tulsa Family Doulas we're celebrating the upcoming school year by launching our group childbirth classes and getting the word out about our private birth and parenting classes!

Back to School with Tulsa Family Doulas

Beginning September 1st, we will begin group childbirth classes held at the newly opened Tulsa Birth Center, located near 41st and Sheridan. We are thrilled to offer the only Hypnobabies classes in the state of Oklahoma, as well as the first ever group Your Birth Experience classes in Tulsa!

Hypnobabies - Natural Childbirth at its Best

Hypnobabies is a 6 week, natural childbirth course involving medical grade self-hypnosis techniques mothers and their partners can utilize for an easier and more comfortable childbirth. This class is taught by Tulsa Family Doulas owner, Sarah Coffin and includes information about the physiology of childbirth, how to connect with your baby and your body, and understanding their options in their birth setting. Mothers are provided with tools for daily practice and preparation for their birthing time. Classes will be held Tuesday evenings beginning September 1st, and run from 6-9:30 PM.

“Tulsa Family Doulas guarantees a small, personalized Hypnobabies class. Students will learn medical-grade hypnosis techniques that help them achieve a profound state of relaxation before, during and even after childbirth. Hypnobabies is a complete childbirth education course committed to helping students know all their options and go into their birthing time confidently. Hypnobabies provides a method for an easier, more comfortable childbirth,” says agency owner Sarah Coffin.

About Your Birth Experience

Your Birth Experience was developed by Tulsa native Missy David, who is also a birth and postpartum doula with the agency. This 4 hour comprehensive childbirth course is focused on helping mothers and their partners discover what will create the most satisfying birthing experience for them, regardless of method or mode of delivery. In addition to the unique and innovative tools learned in class, parents take home a Parent Guide to walk them through their individual needs and desires, the physiological process of childbirth, physical and mental preparation for childbirth, as well as tools for creating a birth plan and collaborating with their care provider. Your Birth Experience classes will be held monthly, the first class being held Saturday, September 5th from 9 AM-1 PM.

Your Birth Experience creator, Missy David, shares, “Every parent can have a positive and profound birth experience regardless of method or mode of delivery. Childbirth is unpredictable and while we cannot anticipate what unique needs may arise or various outcomes, we can help mothers feel informed, respected, secure, capable, connected. We can also equip them with effective communication skills to collaborate with their trusted care providers. Often parents don’t know they have choices within a hospital setting, or they become fearful of interventions that may actually improve their experience. I aim to help mothers understand when, if and why they may need help in the birthing process, whether that means medical support or non-medical comfort measures. A good birth is far more than pain relief or avoiding intervention, and shouldn’t be withheld from women with certain physical limitations.”

Private Classes Available

Does your work schedule create challenges for you and your partner to make it to a scheduled group childbirth class? No problem! Your Birth Experience can come to you! Every labor and postpartum doula with the agency is a certified Your Birth Experience instructor and can teach a private childbirth class completely customized to your needs and scheduled on your time. We can even come to your home! How much easier does it get to learn about childbirth and prepare for your unique experience?

Happiest Baby on the Block classes are private classes for new parents that center around newborn care and honoring the 4th trimester. You will learn about the physiological transformation your baby is experiencing and how you can prevent your newborn's colicky symptoms. Armed with the appropriate and effective soothing techniques we teach, you will be empowered to reduce the frustration of colic or eliminate those symptoms all together. 

Tulsa Childbirth and Parenting Classes

If you are having a baby in Tulsa, Bixby, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Sand Springs, Owasso, or Claremore, we've got you covered for all your prenatal education needs. Contact us today to register for one of our childbirth preparation classes.