Modern Placenta Use Because of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Written by Sarah Coffin, Founder of Tulsa Family Doulas

There are many traditional methods of utilizing the placenta and honoring it for the life that it was able to provide. The placenta was often historically viewed as a magical healing organ that was best utilized immediately upon delivery from the womb. It was viewed as a skin healing agent, as part of medicinal ointments and naturopathic remedies.

Hospitals and medical institutions view the organ as human waste and have come across much controversy in some communities for blatantly disrespecting the sacredness of the organ. Culturally, the placenta was viewed as part of the newborn, the source of life and even so far as a comfort or bed for the baby while in utero.

One of the most widely held methods of honoring the placenta that is easily recognizable today is the view of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the practices based on this methodology. While no one person can claim to offer Traditional Chinese Method of encapsulation unless they themselves are a practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, there are certain processes that can be followed while providing an encapsulation procedure honoring that method.


According to Placenta: The Gift of Life, “Placenta has been used in Chinese medicine for more than 1400 years. IT is believed to be an effective treatment for a variety of conditions, including infertility, immune system strengthening, asthma, liver problems, arthritis and many more conditions.” The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) belief is that the placenta is incredibly powerful. The ability to provide healing qualities during the postpartum period is only one of the beneficial aspects of this amazing organ.

Other TCM methodology suggests that the natural circadian rhythm of a breastfeeding mother can be enhanced by ingesting some of the steamed and dehydrated placenta powder. Hormones are able to achieve a more balanced state based on traditional research and women are able to feel more settled as a result of consuming their own placenta products.

The far-reaching benefits of placenta consumption based on Traditional Chinese Medicine make accessibility very desirable for the modern woman. That is why Tulsa Family Doulas is honored to serve your family and provide placenta encapsulation services to Tulsa and surrounding communities. 

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