Tulsa's Newest New Mom Must Have

Let's talk real for a bit. Being a new mom is hard. Pull your hair out, oh my gosh, I can't believe I did this, hard. You mutter words under your breath at 3AM after you had only laid your head back down on the pillow at 2:25AM. And then you take another look at your sweet baby and get all gushy again. 


The scariest depiction of zombie movies and video games have nothing on you as you stumble to the kitchen in the mornings mumbling, "Booooobs, Poooooop, Coooooofffeeee." 

Your fragile state of emotions and lack of sleep make you question whether or not it would be okay to *gasp* use your breasts to feed your child when and where your babe may decide to take their next snack. 

Alright, take a deep breath. I get it. No, I really, really get it.  

Let's talk about something else now. There is a beauty in new motherhood that is often not talked about. That beauty is seeing that new mom nestle into understanding her baby's cues and feel confident in preparing for his or her next need.

It is seen in watching her walk out of her bedroom after a 2 hour uninterrupted nap knowing her baby was being cuddled and held.

It is found in seeing her look up and smile through fatigue, emotions and fear and gain confidence in her ability to be all that her baby needs.  

I get to see this every time I serve a new mom as a postpartum doula. There is something incredibly valuable and beautiful in supporting women and giving them confidence in one of the most tender and vulnerable times in their lives.

The baby care, overnight care, short term live-in support, breastfeeding support and the household tasks we provide (including meal planning and preparation, baby laundry, errand running and others) are the incredibly helpful side gig. The real care is in the careful, steady grip we have on her hand as we walk together through the newborn fog. 

Postpartum doulas are the one thing that probably aren't on your new baby checklist that need to take their place right at the top. 

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