V-Steams: Nourishing and Pampering Your Vagina

V-Steams: Nourishing and Pampering Your Vagina

Enjoy a Spa Experience at Home with V-steams

Written by Sarah Davis, Birth and Postpartum Doula, Belly Binding, Placenta Specialist


More Love for Your Downstairs

In her Ted Talk, Ina May Gaskin touches on the topic of our bottoms. She says, "We are the only species of mammal that regards its rear-end with contempt. Think of what it does for you!"  I know, right?! Looking past that societal contempt, Tulsa Family Doulas is providing a unique resource to pamper and nourish your vagina through vaginal steams or v-steams. From California to New York v-steams, also known as yoni steams, are on the rise in spas, fertility centers, and with holistic providers. Why suddenly so popular? Part of it has to do with celebrity coverage such as Gwyneth Paltrow and twins Tia and Tamara for spot lighting their own experiences with this treatment. V-steams are actually not a new fad, but an old one that has been practiced by midwives and women around the world. In Korea this long time practice is known as “chai-yok” and in Central and South America as “bajos.”

V-Steam Explained

This holistic service is performed by boiling water and combining a specific mixture of herbs to simmer in the water. The steaming bowl of herbs is then placed below a woman seated on a slatted chair, toilet, or stool with a hole in the center. To help trap the steam below her, a large blanket is wrapped around the waist forming a “tent.” The herb-infused steam rises up, but does not enter inside the vagina. Instead, it softens and relaxes the vulva, the entrance to the vagina, and the anus. The tissues in this area are highly absorbent, some of the most absorbent tissue on your entire body. The steam creates warming and stimulates circulation to bring the infusion through your reproductive system.

Herbal Steam


There are many types of herbal blends for v-steams. Each blend can be uniquely crafted depending on the woman’s needs and health. Tulsa Family Doulas is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality herbs and only use mixes approved by a certified herbalist. Our primary blend for postpartum moms is a nourishing blend. This gentle mix does not contain the popular blood movers, such as Mugwort found in most steams. Instead, we primarily use blends with Rosemary, Lavender, Yarrow, Calendula, and Rose Petals due to their astringent, tonifying, and healing nature. These specific herbs are highly beneficial for postpartum healing.

Why not add Essential Oils to the Mix?

Essential oils are highly potent and we respect their abilities to be as useful and as powerful as medicine. Though essential oils can be a wonderful aid in health, for this practice, they are too strong and could potential cause damage. We want to protect your lady parts!

a world of benefits

Though v-steams work differently and uniquely for each individual, and there has not been large-scale research, some of the anecdotal reported benefits have been:

  • Better menstruations: less cramping and lighter flow
  • Successes in fertility
  • Healing for perenial tears and hemorrhoids
  • Aid in healing uterine fibroids, and vaginal or ovarian cysts
  • Better sex (especially for those struggling with vaginal dryness)
  • Maintenance for a healthy reproductive system
  • More awareness and confidence with your reproductive system

What to Expect After a Steam


It is common for light spotting or heavy discharge immediately after a steam, wearing a panty liner or pad is suggested. You may also feel more relaxed and even sexy. Your periods will most likely change, the next period you have may be heavier as the v steams helps regulate your period and may move old blood out, after your periods start regulating most women report better and happier periods! Women who are dealing with vaginal dryness report more self-lubrication during intercourse.

When to not Steam

Steaming is a wonderful tool for a healthy reproductive system, however, there are times and conditions when steams should NOT be done. These conditions and times are: if you are currently pregnant or may be pregnant, have an intrauterine device, internal infection, cervical, uterine, or ovarian inflammation, heavy bleeding, or are on your period. If you are a postpartum client we suggest waiting until all the lochia has stopped, typically around 2-4 weeks postpartum.

How our V steam service works

The great news is you don’t have to fly to L.A. or New York for a v-steam. Tulsa Family Doulas is able to provide this valuable service in the comfort of your own home.

As a new mom it is important to be pampered and have some “you time.” Booking a v-steam not only helps nourish your postpartum body, but is relaxing time alone for you to enjoy. On arrival, your Postpartum Specialist is able to spend time with you and checking in on your emotional and physical adjustment to your new role while prepping the v-steam. Next, she cleans the space with apple cider vinegar, or another all natural cleaner. This is incredibly important as chemical cleaners can be infused with the steam and be harmful.

After that, she takes the steaming bowl of herbs to the toilet, your new v-steam throne, and sets it inside. Then she holds out the blanket so you can disrobe and then wrap you up good and warm to enjoy your steam with some tea or water. Playing a relaxing mix or peacefully meditating can make a great experience even better.

tulsa-family-doulas-postpartum support

What about the baby?

As professional Postpartum Doulas, who are knowledgeable about the fourth trimester and helping new and experienced mothers, we are at our best helping you get some time alone - minus the stress, by taking care of your little one(s) as you enjoy your 20-40 minutes, spa-at-home experience.

I’m not expecting. Can I still get the royal treatment?

Yes! This service is not only for postpartum, but for women who may want help with periods, fertility, general uterine health or just for the sake of relaxation.

Connect with Tulsa Family Doulas Postpartum Specialist to schedule your very own v-steam.