Born In the Wild - Just Like Animals

Born In the Wild - Just Like Animals

Authored by Sarah Coffin, Owner Tulsa Family Doulas

By now, I am sure you have heard all the previews for the reality show, Born In the Wild. Lifetime has done a great job of sensationalizing natural childbirth almost to the point of jaw-dropping vilification for mainstream America.

There is something captivating about childbirth. It is awe-inspiring to be participatory in watching a whole new person enter the world. Did you catch that and let it sink in? A whole new person. Woah.

To say that there is controversy among birth workers, doulas and parents about this show is putting it lightly. Private boards lit up with opinions on how detrimental and degrading this will be to the natural birth community by sensationalizing and dramatizing a normal process. But, didn't they do that already with A Birth Story?

Dozens upon dozens of doulas were asked by the production company to participate with their clients in the series and my agency, Tulsa Family Doulas, was one of them. I made the choice to not participate or even talk to my clients about it as I couldn't present to them the actual representation of how their birth would be shown.

I am already a trusted resource, but every recommendation or referral I give is based on one of absolute highest rapport. I had no established rapport with a production company trying to drum up dramatic births, so that was an easy and respectful "no".

I would say this show has the potential of a trendsetter waiting to happen. Of course, Hollywood wouldn't schedule a show like this if it didn't have an added level of drama to it. Will they really make these women look like they are giving birth just like animals? We'll see.

So, will I be tuning in? Yep. Will you?