Romance Gets the Baby In and Out!

Childbirth Education in Northeast Oklahoma

What comes to mind when you think about romance? Kind words, thoughtful gifts, moonlight strolls, chocolate-dipped strawberries with a glass of champagne, and oxytocin. Wait! Oxytocin? Yes, oxytocin. What did you think this post was going to be about?

It has been called the wonder hormone, hug hormone, cuddle chemical, moral molecule, bliss hormone, but it is known best as the LOVE hormone.

Oxytocin is powerful. When we hug or kiss a loved one, oxytocin levels increase. This hormone is also greatly stimulated during sex, birth, and breastfeeding. When we are intimate, either physically or mentally, our bodies produce oxytocin to increase our bonds to one other. This is why sex is such an emotional process for humans. When we produce oxytocin we feel closer, we feel content, we feel happier.

So let’s break this down. When you have sex ending in an orgasm, oxytocin levels are elevated. Oxytocin is the hormone naturally released by the body that stimulates uterine contractions which helps sperm reach their end goal of implantation.

The Love hormone is one thing your body uses to help you get pregnant!

Fast forward about 40 weeks. The body begins releasing higher levels of oxytocin which, in turn, initiates labor. This causes the same uterine contractions during orgasm but much more intense. Tulsa Family Doula's wide variety of childbirth classes teach about more the childbirth process in a way to meet your learning style and needs.

Oxytocin isn’t just about starting contractions though. It also acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. Remember, it causes an emotional reaction. In fact, the hormone plays a huge role in pair bonding. The body is smart enough to know that not only does it need something to start labor but to cope with and manage the experience as well. Oxytocin helps reduce stress levels in the body - vitally important in order to make progress during labor.

Once your baby is born, oxytocin is again hard at work. Tough cookie! Have you ever heard of skin to skin care and why is it so important? That same hormone that causes bonding in lovers is a huge benefit in bonding with your baby and is released when you hold your baby’s body in direct contact with your body. Oxytocin also stimulates lactation so you can feed that baby. Are you as much a fan of oxytocin as I am?

So really, when you think about it, what got baby in, helps baby get out. Romance all the way, baby.