A Vision Statment - It Works In Birth Just Like It Does In Business

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Written by: Sarah Coffin, Agency Owner, Birth Doula, Hypno-Doula, Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator

A vision statement works in birth just like it works in business. I have just recently gone through the interestingly uncomfortable process of honing in on my vision statement for my agency, Tulsa Family Doulas. Anyone who has ever worked on a vision statement for their company knows that the words of the statement will not, in and of themselves, make any business successful. Just like our birth doula clients learn that writing out their birth plan does not guarantee them their ideal birth.

The benefit of this process comes from the research, the education, and the aknowledgement of what motivates you. When you find what makes you unique, what differentiates you from every other business or every other pregnant woman that has ever given birth before you, and learn about your own personal needs, your birth plan or vision statement begins to make a difference.

The cool thing about this self-discovery is you get to know yourself better.

It Causes You to Get Uncomfortable

I've been in the birth business since 2009, and while that pales in comparison to some of my counterparts, I have a pretty good idea of how to support women and their families in childbirth, I'm really relatable, I have great relationships with doctors, midwives and nurses at all the hospitals, and I really love my job.

Just like every other doula out there.

And it is the same for pregnant women going through the process of understanding their bodies and the anatomy and physiology of childbirth. Biologically, they are the same as the billions of women that have given birth before them.

But each and every pregnant woman is beautifully unique in their past experiences, thought processes, familial support, goals, fears, methodology and belief in their own innate abilities to give birth well. Asking thought-provoking questions, digging deeper than just seeing the commonality among those around you, finding your own passions, and setting your own goals is what makes you unique. And recognizing that uniqueness is key in finding your own personal success.

And that process can be incredibly stretching and uncomfortable.

Look Beyond What Is Right In Front of You

The law of attraction is so incredibly true. This law is the belief that what you think about, you bring about. Your thoughts and your perceptions create your reality.

In birth and in business, this gets really dicey, but stick with me. If you surround yourself with people that negate your goals for your own personal ideal birth, regardless of what your ideal birth looks like, then the fight for your own personal goals will be a much harder battle. 

Think about it, if the women in your life have only had cesareans, when they find out you are expecting, they'll probably tell you to go ahead and book your operating room now, and may be less than encouraging about your desire to have a natural birth. Or, if you are surrounded by women that only believe in homebirth, yet the thought of being away from a NICU makes your heart pound, you might feel their judgment when they keep talking about their lotus birth.

Even if you don't realize it, you are being influenced by those around you - both good and bad. Pregnancy is a vulnerable time for women, and you are very susceptible to the opinions and conversations around you. And people are more than willing to share their opinions of what they expect childbirth to be. You have to choose your support wisely. 

Tulsa Family Doula's professional birth doulas are trained to support with only one goal in mind: your goals. We know that the birth environment isn't perfect and that much change should happen in order to make the process of giving birth based on respect. But, here is the scoop, we don't care how you give birth as long as you feel educated and confident in your decisions.

This is the same in business. It is incredibly important to hone in on the pulse of your company, regardless of what is going on around you. Find what makes you deliriously happy, and makes your business thrive and then select who is going to be around you to support it. Not everyone should get that privilege. It's surprisingly disappointing how few people there are out there that truly want you to succeed.

Look beyond what you is right in front of you and what you have always known, and push yourself to find what really interests and excites you and never look back. Think about your success, takes steps every day to achieve that success, and it will happen.

May not come to you immediately

The process of getting to the heart of what makes you unique takes time. It takes introspection. It requires pausing and observing. Sometimes it demands experiencing. The experiences you have in life undoubtedly affect you, but how you respond to them create and form you.

Spend some time talking out what you know and feel about birth and how you believe that will influence your decisions. Acknowledge what causes you fear and what fills you with questions and take initiative in educating yourself about your options in childbirth.

Do the same for your business. It may be difficult at first to find what differentiates you from every other doula. We all got in this business to breathe vitality and passion into the birth industry. But, you are unique. Your business is divinely different because you are at the helm. Go through the process you have your clients work through and write your birth plan or your vision statement.

Tulsa Family Doulas Vision Statement

Tulsa Family Doulas was founded to positively impact growing families in our community by transforming pregnancy, birth and life with a newborn, into a time filled with confident support. We provide highly trained, professional doulas whose primary goal is to over deliver with compassionate enthusiasm. 

Our mission is to increase confidence in birth and in parenting for every family we serve. To accomplish that mission, every service we offer is centered on providing tangible skills to educate and pamper our
clients, help reduce stress, enhance bonding with your new baby, and easily adjust to a new normal.

We understand that a woman is more than just a belly and a birth, and honor your whole family while being your strongest supporter.