Safe Sleep: It's Life or Death

Safe Sleep: It's Life or Death


No one is a perfect mom

Full disclosure here. I was one of the those moms that would bring my babies in from the car and leave them sleeping in their car seat because I was desperate for them to sleep well. It wasn't as talked about 10, 9 and 6 years ago; maybe mentioned once on one website that was glazed over in passing.

But it needs to be said over and over.

The car seat isn't a safe option for a place for any baby to be left to sleep. 

We need constant reminders

The video below isn't just about day care workers, but serves as a reminder for postpartum doulas, aunts, grandparents, older siblings and anyone who has the opportunity to be the one watching over the littles while they sleep. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics has specific guidelines on infant sleep safety and SIDS risk reduction. The first on the list is to have the baby sleep on his or her back and to use a firm surface. 

What happens in car seats is that little heads can slump over, bodies can get in an awkward position and, as happened with Shepard, the trachea can be blocked and cause suffocation. 

not meant for controversy

I realize these safe sleep blogs have the potential to spark controversy on co-sleeping and bed-sharing. That's not the purpose of this blog. It's not to choose sides on what is right or wrong for your family. It is to remind you to pause and learn something new or remember something you were told some time ago.

The purpose is to be a quiet voice in your head when you are walking in from the car with a tired baby or watching a mom's face when she realizes she needs to remove her sleeping baby from the seat to be safe. Offer to hold that baby, snuggle the baby back to sleep and tell mom to go ahead and take a nap herself.

Be another voice yourself.