Tulsa Placenta Encapsulation - Real Women Testimonials

Tulsa Placenta Encapsulation - Real Women Testimonials

Placentas! There, I said it. You okay? Feeling woozy? Maybe have your face scrunched up in a look of unsure disgust? That's okay. I'm totally used to it. 

Placentas have become a huge part of Tulsa Family Doulas and we are thrilled to offer the incredibly personalized service to our clients. There has been so much new talk lately about encapsulation and more and more people are starting to realize it is an amazing option for many women. And I, for one, am thrilled about it. 

We do encapsulation differently than anyone else in Tulsa, and we love it! It becomes more than a separated end-product and we establish relationships with our clients. We give more of ourselves so that you walk into your first steps of parenthood served, pampered, educated and confident. 

I could talk on and on, but why not hear from Tulsa Family Doulas encapsulation client's themselves!

What kind of client will you be?

Sometimes clients want to be a part of the every step, talk through the process, take pictures and learn about everything we are doing. We are all educators for a living! We love this!

"The process of the encapsulation was fascinating to me. It was neat being able to watch it." - Julie

Other clients are surprised at our professionalism. No need to be surprised. This is our livelihood. We give you our absolute best at every point of service. 

"She left the kitchen cleaner than it was when she arrived. She sat down with me and explained everything to me. I would, and already have been, recommending your service to others. Extremely professional, beautiful branding and top notch service. I absolutely loved using your company and am so happy I chose to do the placenta encapsulation. I have no suggestions as I think my experience with Tulsa Family Doulas was beyond perfect. Thank you!" - Sariah 

Our purpose is to give you the information you need when you need it and make this whole unique process as accessible as possible. 

"The Encapsulation Specialist answered all my questions and concerns about the process. Everything was explained beforehand which made me feel more comfortable with the process. I was given written information about the process and consumption guidelines. My kitchen was cleaned and put back in place. I was very hesitant at first, but I am so grateful I decided to do the encapsulation. It wasn't until I was in the hospital having my baby early did I look forward to taking my placenta pills. I believe the reason my milk supply is doing so well is because of this. You all offer a great service and handled everything as discretely as possible." - Alyson

And then, finally, I feel I should hire Sunny to be our pr rep. 

"At first placenta encapsulation seemed odd, socially unacceptable, gross...but I spoke with a couple friends that did it and they swore by it. I was still on the fence until I researched it further and spoke with my doula.

I know it sounds gross but it makes sense. If you have all types of hormones surging through your body while your pregnant then you give birth, your body loses those high levels of hormones and becomes  unbalanced and goes through great loss which throws your body all out of whack.

The placenta is chock-full of all of those hormones. It makes sense to slowly ween yourself off of the hormones by starting with a high dose then decreasing the amount of pills you take every day until they're gone. Logic was what pushed me over the fence. It helped me to think of it as a nutrition supplement in pill form.  

And it really works.  

I have high anxiety and depression and I workout every day to control it.  I was worried about how giving birth would affect my hormone levels and if it would send me into a deep depression, especially since I couldn't work out for 6 weeks after the birth. I gave birth naturally on a Friday without any complications. We had my brother and his wife take my placenta to our house and store it in our fridge. Weird... I know... We made it home from the hospital on that Sunday and Sarah came over to start the dehydration process.

It was that next day, Monday, when I started to feel anxious and panicky. I have a history of panic attacks. So I started taking the pills that evening. The anxious feelings subsided that night and I continued to take the pills as instructed. My son is now 5 months old and I still haven't felt ANY anxiety or depression. I would recommend placenta encapsulation to anybody about to have a baby. " - Sunny

Follow through on your curiosity. It may just work for you like it has for others.

Contact Tulsa Family Doulas today to learn more about placenta encapsulation and get set up with your postpartum placenta specialist!