Where is the best place to get information on pregnancy?

Where is the best place to get information on pregnancy?

Top 4 Pregnancy Information Resources

Thanks to the somewhat overwhelming and abundant information found in places like the beloved and dreaded Google, BabyCenter, pregnancy.com (seriously, those week by week images are addicting!) and WebMD,  you have the world at your fingertips. You can search for anything pregnancy and birth related and receive thousands of opinions, perspectives, rants and claims. But, it's the Internet, and no one can put anything on the Internet if it isn't true, right?

Ummmm, wrong.

Tulsa Family Doulas has compiled the top 4 pregnancy information resources for you, so you can simplify your search and start to really enjoy your pregnancy. 

1. Your trusted care provider.


Your doctor or midwife has completed years and years of education, training and hands-on care.  Providing you and your baby with the best medical care possible is their number 1 priority. You are paying them to provide you with a quality service and they are going to give you their best care.

It's so important to remember to make a list every time you have your visits and write down every single question you have.  But, here's the kicker, you actually have to take out that well-thought-out list of questions and ASK THEM. Use the time you have with them to make sure you are being heard, respected and understood. If you have concerns on how your questions are answered and whether or not your philosophies align with your doctor or midwife, it may be time to start interviewing others and transferring OB care as soon as possible. 

2. Your childbirth educator. 

Many hospitals have some childbirth education options. There are also many other local resources and certified childbirth educators that hold childbirth education classes in multiple locations.

A few things to remember when finding a childbirth education class right for you:

  • Do you have the time to commit to attending the class? Some classes can be completed in one Saturday and others are a 12 week commitment. 
  • Can you commit to the homework? In order for some methods to be effective, there needs to be the ability to practice what you are learning so that you can master the techniques.
  • Is your teacher bad-mouthing your care provider? If the instructor you have chosen has nothing good to say about doctors, you may want to consider still looking. Why should your birth become a battlefield? Choose an educator that can teach you how to communicate well with your chosen trusted care provider.
  • Are they certified with a respected organization? Follow up with the organization and see if there has ever been any complaints about the instructor or the organization itself. 
  • Is the material out-dated? If you are wanting to make decisions based on the most up-to-date information possible, make sure your educator is actually teaching that material.

Talk to your friends, research your options and find a fit that will work for your schedule and your preferences. 

3. Your doula.

Your professional doula should be able to provide you with reputable resources for researching anything related to pregnancy and childbirth. This material should be presented in a neutral fashion without any bias as to what the doula thinks is the best answer. There are many major organizations that tout the benefits of having doula support throughout the birth and postpartum period. 

Look at the trainings the doula has attended and the copy on the website of the doulas you are researching. Does the doula sound like she is ready to fight, take over your birth, force her philosophies and act as an activist in your delivery room? Or does she want to get to know you, attune to your needs and embrace your philosophy and preferences on what is right for YOU and YOUR baby.

Choose wisely. Activists and even advocates have no place in your birth space. You are the most important person in your birth and anyone who would take your own voice away or make assumptions on what is best for your experience should never cross your path. You know what is right for you. Find someone that supports THAT. 

4. Yourself.


This is, by far, the most important resource you have. Have you taken the time to slow down, block everyone else's opinion out and really find out what YOU think about all this pregnancy and birth stuff? Have all the opinions of ALL THE PEOPLE gotten to you and made you question what you know deep inside yourself? Did you know that your mind and your body know exactly what to do to give birth to your baby without being told anything?

According to a Ted Talk with Ina May Gaskin, humans are the only mammals that have the capacity to fear birth. The only reason we have this fear, is because we have been taught to fear pregnancy and birth. All the movies, stories and well-meaning fear-mongers desperate to be heard, impact your own instincts in childbirth. 

Pause. Breathe. Think.

What do you know to be true?

Give your mind and your body the credit it deserves to grow your baby well and give birth in the best way possible for you.