There Is a New Fairy Godmother In Town

Postpartum Doulas in Tulsa

authored by Sarah coffin, owner and Founder, tulsa family doulas

Historically, It has been hard to find postpartum doulas in Tulsa.

There is a great deal of hype about birth doulas, and there should be! Birth doulas provide an amazing service to women and their partners during pregnancy, birth and the first couple of hours after delivery.

The Cochrane Review has stated that there is no known harm to having doula support during a woman's pregnancy and delivery and only known benefits to such an incredible type of support. 

And, let's face it, what doula wouldn't want to focus their attention on such a dramatic and miraculous event? There is absolutely nothing like witnessing new parents take in the image of their new baby. 


So, what happens when that new, overwhelmed and overjoyed set of parents takes their little one home?

struggles of new parents

What started out as tears of joy and delight can sometimes turns into tears of exasperation and fatigue. The tentative parents are met with a beautiful new human that: 

  • cries
  • wants to eat all the time
  • has poop that changes from black tar to a seedy projectile mass of destruction
  • immediately knows when he or she is put down
  • can stop the world if a burp gets stuck
  • pees immediately when the diaper is removed
  • requires a moving van to haul all their equipment to the grocery store
  • can make new parents second-guess everything they thought they knew

Where is the support then?

Too often, new parents are expected to handle parenthood alone and without the comfort and guidance of experienced mentors. It could be that the new family lives far from their relatives, and friends or family are unable to help, or can only stay and help for short periods of time. Sometimes partners have to go back to work immediately leaving a new mom by herself to try to figure out how to handle this daunting task on her own. 

What about transitioning back to work after maternity leave? We are skilled in helping navigate that transition.

Staying home? Yep, we can help those 4 walls not close in as tight.

Your 4th baby? You need more than just one set of hands.

Let us help. 

How doulas help in the postpartum period

Tulsa postpartum doulas from Tulsa Family Doulas provide physical and educational and support free from judgment. Each of the highly-trained postpartum doulas utilize their experience, compassion and expertise to smooth the adjustment for the entire family.

Postpartum doulas:

  • Primarily focus on the mother's physical and emotional recovery and healing from birth 
  • Assist in baby's adjustment to life outside of the womb
  • Are educated in breast and bottle feeding
  • Provide hands-on support for infant soothing
  • Have informational support for sleep guidance
  • Work with siblings for support and adjustment
  • Assist with snack and meal preparation and planning, light housework, and help meet the general needs of the new family

But, wait there is so much more! Our postpartum doulas provide daytime or overnight care. Need a full night's sleep? Our doulas can assist with nighttime feedings or completely take over the evening shifts so you can feel human again. We even provide short-term live in care so you don't have to spend a single second alone until you are ready to. 

No new family should go through the early days and months of the bleary-eyed fog of new parenthood without truly compassionate, 100% focused-on-mom and family doula support. You might say that your professional postpartum doula is just like the Fairy Godmother you always dreamed about, but this time the glass slippers are real. Choose a postpartum doula from Tulsa Family Doulas and have confidence that your new family is growing with the best support possible. Schedule your free consultation today.