Doulas: More Than A Hospital Accessory

Tulsa Birth and Postpartum Doulas

Authored by: Sarah Coffin, Owner, Birth and Postpartum Doula with Tulsa Family Doulas


The doulas that work with Tulsa Family Doulas are so much more than a hospital or homebirth accessory. These are professional women that have spent months and years learning their trade and honing their skills to empower you in your decisions regarding how you give birth. 

Help when you have the baby

Birth doulas are receiving their well-deserved recognition and even being called by many different names:

  • Labor Doulas
  • Professional Labor Support
  • Childbirth Coach
  • Labor Coach
  • Miracle Worker
  • Birth Guru

Okay, maybe those last two aren't official names, but are definitely terms showered on us by some of our clients after their positive experiences with us. 

More and more people are understanding the importance of having great childbirth education and unconditional support in the delivery room. Birth doulas provide a valuable and tangible benefit to women giving birth regardless of how they choose to give birth.

You want an unmedicated hospital birth? Hire a doula. You want a homebirth with a midwife? Hire a doula. You want an induction with an epidural? Hire a doula. VBAC, scheduled cesarean, wavering on your decisions? Hire a doula.

There is a great deal of emphasis on preparing for the day that you and your partner will welcome your baby and that day indeed deserves that emphasis. The focus on preparation follows true to the statement that how you labor and deliver can sometimes affect how you parent. 

So, what happens after the baby is born?

As a 5 year veteran of promoting the importance of having professional support in childbirth, I focused so much on childbirth education for my clients, building confidence in their babies and their bodies, and formulating strategies for decision-making, that I rarely looked beyond their delivery. My focus wasn't on what care they would receive after my work as their birth guru was over.

Now, that has all changed

Realizing the absolute need to provide that same professional support after bringing a new baby home, I have founded an agency where we provide care for all your needs and wants in pregnancy and in parenting.

Tulsa Family Doulas understands that every family's needs for postpartum doula care may look different, and we come to your home with the purpose of empowering you as a parent and helping you find your own path to successful parenting. 

Even the sweetest, squishiest, most beautiful baby can bring the most well-educated person to their knees and cause them to question everything they thought they knew about how to handle this crazy adventure of parenthood.

Postpartum doulas from Tulsa Family Doulas provide: 

  • encouragement and stability to understand how to meet your baby's needs
  • hands-on support for the sometimes daunting task of caring for a newborn
  • expertise in normalcy regarding postpartum healing both physically and emotionally
  • education regarding your baby's hunger cues and tips and techniques to meet their feeding needs at the breast or at the bottle
  • support for siblings in their new role in the family
  • light household care and help with meal planning or preparation

Family support makes the celebration of new life so special. The same way that Tulsa Family Doulas do not take the place of any of your support people in the delivery room, we do not take the place of your family members after the baby is born.

We provide care and support free from judgment and help you wade through the many options and differing parenting styles and find what works for you. We give solid evidence-based information, know what the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends for your baby's safety and provide neutral encouraging support that may be missing elsewhere.

Postpartum doulas are even more than the latest home accessory. 

Tulsa parents can have confidence and unconditional support from the minute they find out they are expecting until after they have settled into parenthood and Tulsa Family Doulas is there to provide that support. 

Connect with us today to have a free consultation on everything that comes from working with Tulsa Family Doulas.