Bengkung Belly Binding

Comforting, healing postpartum wrapping


Those first few days postpartum are definitely something to get used to. Not only is a baby now in your arms, but your body is going through another amazing transformation.

Your uterus, skin, hips, internal organs and muscles are now as equally affected by your baby being on this side of the womb. 

The great news is, belly binding can help! Read more about the benefits of belly binding in this beautiful blog.

It is recommended that for a vaginal delivery, you be wrapped within the first week postpartum and if you have had a cesarean 4-6 weeks postpartum with a doctor’s approval.

You will continue to wrap for each day, for about 10 hours, up to around the 40 day mark. You have the option to have a binder come for as many times as you like and professionally wrap your abdomen, or simply learn the first time and wrap yourself consistently for each day after. 

Bengkung belly binding has become ragingly popular and offers emotional and physical support that many women crave during their postpartum period. 

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Postpartum Belly Binding
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